HealthTalker Volunteers for Destination India

HealthTalker Volunteers share important health and travel information with their friends, families, and members of their community.

Traveling overseas in any scenario can put your health at risk, but travelers who are visiting friends and relatives in India are at an even greater risk of illness. Unlike tourists, travelers who are visiting friends and relatives are much more immersed in the local culture, making them susceptible to local health risks. As a result, travelers visiting friends and relatives are much more likely to develop travel-related illnesses:

  • 54% of imported malaria cases are from travelers visiting friends and relatives, 8X-10X more than tourists and business travelers
  • 66% of typhoid cases occur in travelers visiting friends and relatives
  • 90% of paratyphoid A cases are imported from South Asia
  • Many travelers believe they still have immunity because they were born or lived in India at one point in their lives

Many of these facts are not well understood in the community. That's where you can help!

How does being a HealthTalker Volunteer for Destination India Movement work?

  • You enroll online
  • You make a difference by having conversations with people you know. It's that simple. Share the facts and use your knowledge and personal experience to raise awareness as appropriate
  • You receive a free welcome and information kit in the mail
  • You get access to a private, online website with other Destination India volunteers
  • It's not time-consuming, and it's rewarding! 96% of volunteers in HealthTalker programs describe their experience as very rewarding (55%) or rewarding (41%)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: So I talk to friends and family, people I know?
A: That's right. Share information as appropriate with friends, family, people in your neighborhood, your Temple, or even at work.

Q: How many volunteer HealthTalkers will be in the program?
A: We are enrolling 125 HealthTalkers for Destination India in collaboration with our local partners SATHI, SAPHA, CSAAH, UNITED SIKHS and the CDC Foundation.

Q: What is a HealthTalker Movement?
A: HealthTalker movements are made up of people who volunteer to share important information or what we call "spreading the word" about health issues they care about. They advance the exchange of information through meaningful conversations with people they know. By sharing facts and personal experiences, HealthTalkers raise awareness and share information which helps others make pro-active, well-informed decisions about their health. Examples of notable HealthTalker movements include; Colorectal Cancer, Chronic Migraine, Adult Immunization, Prostate Cancer, Meningitis, Infertility, ADHD and Cervical Cancer

Q: How do I get the conversation started?
A: Being a HealthTalker is all about having natural conversations with the people you already know. Simply talk about the facts, share a personal experience if you have one, and say why the issue is important to you. You are helping by sharing information that helps people become aware and make decisions that are right for them.

Q: Do I have to have a certain number of conversations?
A: Not at all. We want you to participate in the program and understand the facts. You might be surprised how many times you'll share information without even thinking about doing it!


Passwords must be 6 to 32 characters in length and must contain at least one number. All passwords are case sensitive.
We only use your address to send you free movement related materials and fun HealthTalker gear. We will never share your information.

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