Your Voice Can Make a Difference

By sharing your knowledge you’ll increase awareness about travel related diseases while encouraging people to see their clinician before traveling. There’s no script to follow. We’ll make it easy for you by providing facts and materials to act as conversation starters.

As a HealthTalker you are an informed, influential and passionate member of your network, which is why you can be of great help. Did you know that 84% of people will take action on a recommendation from someone they know and trust? This is why your voice matters so much and why your participation can make a difference!

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How it Works

When you join, you will receive a free welcome kit, access to a member website and additional materials to pass along to others and help as conversation starters.

Make a difference by having conversations with people you know. Share the facts and use your knowledge along with your personal experience to help people learn about pre-travel health.

HealthTalkers for Destination India are already spreading the word in communities across the tri-state area. You can share stories, interact in the discussion forums, and make a big difference!


What HealthTalkers are saying...

“I feel proud to advocate such an important and life saving cause. I get satisfaction out of helping others as well as making them aware of something that they weren't in touch or informed about.”

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“Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
— Norman MacEwan

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